A Cosmic Birth... Starting Before Zero # 1 by Peet Schutte

By Peet Schutte

This take construction again to earlier than Einstein’s first element in construction and the way the 1st spot happened. This isn't really a non secular e-book however it is natural technological know-how confirmed as by no means something used to be confirmed sooner than. I I end up it begun with genesis 1 v 1. as a result I clarify Genesis 1 v 1, the start or start of the Universe when it comes to the Bible utilizing no longer theology yet arithmetic. I end up Genesis 1 verse 1 to be right through the use of arithmetic. The Bible says: initially OF construction, 1 whilst God made heaven and earth, 2 the earth was once with out shape and void… three… with darkness over the face of the abyss…Yes this I do clarify mathematically and that i deal with this simply because I end up and clarify 4 cosmic keys that construct the Universe particularly: The Titius Bode legislation; The Lagrangian issues, The Roche restrict and Coanda impression every thing in nature within the Universe applies those phenomena in how area types. The Titius Bode legislation: The Lagrangian issues: The Roche Coanda impression varieties the Universe in up to forming stars in spheres and forming galactica in circles. those rules shape area and fabrics. it is a technique that produces area and that's how the Universe all started prior to the Universe started in area. I take the cosmic beginning again to ahead of house happened because the significant Bang.

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